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Bioenergy Crops Ltd is an international group of independent consultants from different disciplines with focus on solutions for  biobased industries worldwide.

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Bioenergy crops

Find the best suited  bioenergy crops for your specific soil-climatic conditions including woody and herbaceous species for pulp, biogas, liquid biofuels, heat and electricity.

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Practical evaluations, including GIS tools, residues availability and costs, production estimations, economic and logistic optimizations and environmental impacts.

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See how to develop your biomass to energy project for specific conditions. Meet alternatives to produce heat, electricity or biofuels for small and large scale projects.

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Gender and renewable energy

  • October 8, 2018

Impacts of renewable energy on gender in rural communities of north-west Chinahave been studied by

Agronomy and crops


Logistic chains

Residual Biomass

Biomass to energy

Evaluation and tools