Almonds provide an excellent source for biomass gasification and combustion that has been utilized in industries in the Mediterranean and could be replicated in many countries of the world.Biomass energy programs offer a wide range of potential benefits for developing countries. Already traditional biomass products  like firewood, charcoal, manure, and crop residues provide the main  source of household energy use for some 2–3 billion people in the  developing world, and this demand is likely to grow in the years ahead. But new technologies for commercial energy production from  biomass are emerging that could lead to dramatic new opportunities for agriculture and the rural sector, as well as help developing countries reduce their dependence on expensive oil imports. Both the traditional and the new options for biomass energy pose challenges that will require technology and policy solutions to ensure efficient, healthy, and environmentally sustainable outcomes.


Our services include:

  • Focus on Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Biomass to energy project development (cofiring, CHP and gasification)
  • Integration with forest residues
  • GIS based tools for economic assessments and resource availability evaluations
  • Project proposals and research
  • Environmental impact and Life Cycle Assessments


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