Bagasse and sugar cane tops and leaves are the main residues of which the former is normally used as an energy source for steam generation while the latter is normally used as cattle feed or is burnt in the field. In comparison to other crops, sugar cane gives a very high dry matter yield per unit of land area. Our experts have been involved in the sugarcane sector during the last 20 years in many countries and are now producing best biomass to energy projects in many regions of the world. Logistic solutions and cost reduction possibilities in Latin America are now some of our activities, developing harvest machinery to improve the use of sugarcane leaves from the field to the boilers, baling and handling of bales to reduce logistic costs, promoting projects for sel electricity consumption and cogeneration technology.


Our services include:

  • Focus on Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Biomass to energy project development (bioethanol, cofiring and CHP)
  • Integration between alternative crops and sugarcane
  • GIS based tools for economic assessments and resource availability evaluations
  • Harvest machinery and logistic optimizations
  • Environmental impact and Life Cycle Assessments


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