Forest and logging residues offer several possible waits to reduce carbon footprint and produce renewable energy in the rural sector. Converting fossil-based energy systems into renewable energy systems is an essential strategy to the reach targets set by the Kyoto Protocol. For nations with an active logging industry, salvaging logging residues or slash to produce bioenergy has a huge potential for development. However, removing forest woodfuel may have ecological consequences, notably for saproxylic biodiversity but also critical in degreaded ecosystems. The consequences of such removals on biotic assemblages in temperate and tropical forests remain poorly documented in comparison with boreal forests. There are several management techniques developed and almost all regions in the world have documented research. While considering  native and exotic species, a combination of research and consultancy is the only way companies may produce energy sustainably and providing profits and generating employment along the bioenergy chain. To develop biomass to energy projects and business plans based on forestry residues require from a strict vision accounting inputs, optimized logistic chains and afforestation/reforestation schemes.



Our main services include:

  • Biomass characterization of native species and available wood resources for different uses
  • Biomass to Energy project development in Latin America and Europe
  • Supplier identification, competitor identification and verified prediction of current biomass quantities and costs
  • Estimation and predictive models and toold development for management and impacts
  • Forestry residues mapping (GIS based)
  • Cost analysis, economic models and scenarios
  • Logistic chain studies and optimization for electricity and heat production
  • Biomass supply generation
  • Economic evaluation of biomass supply
  • Mixed schemes and biomass plantations
  • Agroforestry patterns


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