Photo: Carly Whittaker, Rothamsted Research, 2012.


Miscanthus is a tropical grass native to Africa and Asia which uses the C4-path to fixate carbon during photosynthesis, which means it produces biomass very efficiently. Miscanthus hasa rhizomatic planting system, and the crop develops while spreading its roots and producing a number of new shoots along the way.Several companies in the world  provide planting material and few of them can provide serious evaluations an solutions for marginal lands or with realistic advice on its utilization for pulp or energy in developing countries. Best management techniques, planting material selection and best site selection is the first group of management decisions to take when setting up a new project. Our team considerate several companies providing machinery solutions (planting and harvesting), planting material and biomass to energy projects. Our independent advice will let your company decide on best alternatives and suppliers as well as adapting agronomic techniques to your specific site conditions.


Our services include:

  • Independent perspective to select best companies supplying planting material and machinery services
  • Advice on specific soil and climate conditions of our clients in EU and Latin America.
  • Biomass to energy projects development including biogas, combustion and biofuel technologies and adoption guidelines
  • Agronomic and plant physiology research and development and trails monitoring
  • Harvesting solutions
  • Pulp and energy projects development
  • Environmental impact assessments and life cycle assessments
  • Agronomic and logistic optimization for specific conditions


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