Residues from olive groves, are already used in profitable business schemes in many Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece or Italy. Pruning residues and olive agri-industry residues, have excellent characteristics for combustion and gasification in order to produce electricity and may be considered in regional plans for energy production as it has already happened in many Spanish provinces (in the region of Andalucia, Southern Spain) . Olive groves give a unique opportunity in marginal semiarid extensive areas where just few crops can be considered and virgen extra olive oil and bioenergy applications have a large synergy providing more competitive patterns for growers and industries. Logistic and harvest equipment need to be improved and optimized to provide lower costs of delivered-biomass. Our team will provide assistance modeling the logistic chain and providing different solutions to improve biomass handling efficiency as well as identify possible limiting factors when developing a new project.



Our services include:

  • Focus on Mediterranean countries, California and South America
  • Logistic and machinery solutions
  • Biomass to energy project development (cofiring, CHP and gasification)
  • Integration with forest residues
  • GIS based tools for economic assessments and resource availability evaluations
  • Project proposals and research
  • Environmental impact and Life Cycle Assessments



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