A biobased economy

A biobased economy requires commitment, creativity, scientific realism and a holistic perspective

The world is changing very fast and fossil fuels are increasing in costs. The industries start to consider residues and biomass as feed-stock for boilers, co-firing, biogas or biofuels. A crucial step in being developed as creating integrated biorefineries that are capable of efficiently converting a broad range of biomass feedstocks into commercially viable biofuels, biopower, and other bioproducts.


  • We promote wide and realistic perspectives on the different alternatives for raw materials, covering a variety of crops and residues including those with potential in tropical countries, Northern and Southern European and Mediterranean countries, North America and Latin America.
  • Any bio-industry requires practical solutions combining research and commercial development . We do research and can also help your company to learn and innovate with considering your  own needs.  Bioenergy Crops Ltd. will send you the best experts for your requirements, and put on your desk the last advancements and scientific knowledge about biomass, agronomy of crops, logistics and environmental sustainability certifications.
  • We have a knowledgeable core team, with access to a wide variety  of energy crops and the latest technologies from best biomass and bioenergy centers in Europe, Latin America and North America. This broad perspective regarding the combination of forest and agricultural residues with dedicated energy crops, allows us to provide more sustainable and realistic solutions. Our work allows firms to grow and promote crops and residues in rural areas, generating employment and producing biofuels, electricity and heat applications or biogas in a more reasonable and sustainable scheme.



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