Bioenergy Crops Ltd provides technical monitoring and specialized agronomy guideline on crops. Lignocellulosic species are used for different purposes including pulp, bioproducts and bioenergy  (biogas, electricity, heat, first and second generation biofuels). Herbaceous species can offer silage biomass, straw bales and even bundles while most woody crops produce chips and woody biomass bales or bundles. We are strict, skeptical and realistic helping customers, obtaining higher efficiency and productivity or reducing production costs. We include expertise with warm (C4) and cool (C3) season grasses and traditional and non-traditional fiber and industrial crops. We also offer agronomic consultancy with woody crops plantations and short rotation forestry systems.

Our multi-feedstock approach will minimize supply chain risks and provide your project with a more stable business model.



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Bioenergy Crops Ltd. works with associated experts, partners and companies that have been involved in different aspects of the agronomics and production of dedicated energy crops and industrial crops. Most of us have been working in recent years for academic research and demonstration of new alternative crops then able to provide independent updated information to our clients from sound scientific experiences in other regions of the world.We help customers to really understand which realistic options are possible to be grown under their own environmental conditions when supplying biomass and optimizing the whole system without focusing in only one crop or narrowed solution. Rotations, crop patterns and logistics are always integrated with biomass quality, agronomy and economics in a sustainable framework.
Main services offered by our company include:

  • Agronomic monitoring and optimization
  • Research and Development with alternative crops
  • Fertilization solutions
  • Harvest optimization to reduce logistic costs
  • Biomass quality optimization from the field to the plant
  • Assistance on establishing crops
  • Assistance on vegetal material acquisitions
  • Agronomic modeling
  • Alternative crops feasibility studies
  • Periodical monitoring with experts


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