There are many companies working in construction with bamboo species. However, production systems for biomass as feedstock in energy projects require to provide realistic yields and most companies providing planting materials will claim exaggerated productivity and will not give a rigurous background on existing commercial plantations with succesive cuttings for a long period of time dedicated to biomass and not as raw material in construction business.

Bamboo belongs to a broad group (1250 species) of large woody grasses, ranging from 10 cm to 40 m in height. Already in everyday use by about 2.5 billion people, mostly for fiber and food within Asia, bamboo may have potential as a bioenergy or fiber crop for niche markets, although some reports of its high productivity seem to be exaggerated. Literature on bamboo productivity is scarce, with most reports coming from various parts of Asia. 

Despite of its huge productity in tropical countries, bamboo shares a number of desirable fuel characteristics with certain other bioenergy feedstocks, such as low ash content and alkali index. Its heating value is lower than many woody biomass feedstocks but higher than most agricultural residues, grasses and straws. Although non-fuel applications of bamboo biomass may be actually more profitable than energy recovery, there may also be potential for co-production of bioenergy together with other bamboo processing.New markets and potential opportunities will be available after promoting biomass co-firing, pyrolisis and gasification and also pelletizing business activities. 


Our contribution include the following services:

  • Select best companies to planting materials
  • Revise management methods and give realstic expectations
  • Analyze harvest and logistics to avoid future risks
  • Agronomic management for energy and pulp production
  • Harvest technology development and logistic improvements
  • Generate business models with bamboo and other feedstock


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