Starting new biomass to energy business and self-consumption activities require knowledge on feedstock and technology. Supplying heat and/or electricity by cogeneration, gasification or biogas are just some examples of what your company could consider processing biomass to energy sources. Using both forest or agricultural residues as well as dedicated crops, our team will find best solutions for your industry and markets.


Biomass Energy is defined by any organic materials that can be burned or used as a source of fuel. Wood being the main source of biomass such as saw-dust or any type of waste from wood is processed to make wood-pellets and used as fuel for wood pellet boilers and stoves. Farm waste such as cow manure is processed into biomass to form biogas and energy crops can be used to complement feedstock and make more sustainable chains. It can be used in bottled gas for gas cooking appliances. Sugarcane bagasse, agave residues in the tequila industry and many other agri-idustrial residues, can be used for bioethanol to fuel vehicles and machines as well. It is possible to produce electricity and heat with high efficiency to replace fossil fuels.  

Developing countries have several opportunities with low cost biomass residues and dedicated crops and most private-public collaboration can determine environmental benefits, afforestation or reforestation in degraded land, mitigating climate change and providing employment benefits.

Bioenergy crops Ltd., can help companies working on different technologies providing solutions and integration between crop and residues and logistics and processing. Therefore we help clients to integrate their bioenergy chain from the field to the final use considering biomass physical and chemical quality analysis, costs and environmental issues.


Our services for energy projects:

  • Cogeneration of bagasse
  • Organic Rankine Cycle boilers
  • Advanced biofuels
  • Biogas in animal farms, using wastes and dedicated crops
  • Electricity and heat production from forest and agricultural residues
  • Small scale applications in developing countries
  • Assistance on project development, funding and partnership
  • Equipment acquisition, plant design and operation.
  • Writing R&D and grant proposals 
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