THE BENELUX MARKET CONTINUES TO GROW FAST. The Hague estimates that the  Benelux biomass pellets consumption will double during the period 2012 – 2020 to a volume of 5.7 MMT  (US$ 1 billion). For the supply, the Benelux will depend for over 95% on imports. In 2012, the United States was the main supplier of wood pellets to the “Benelux “(Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) market with an export volume of about 1.25 MMT (US$ 225 million). If trade flows remain consistent with current patterns, the United States has the potential to supply at least half of this import demand. However, wood pellets will need to comply with sustainability requirements. Differences in production and consumption characterize the European pellet market. The  market can be divided in three regions.

The BENELUX market is expected to double by 2020
Wood pellet markets are expected to double by 2020

The market around the Baltic Sea, with Sweden as major producer and consumer, and Russia as major supplier. The market in Central Europe, with Germany, Austria and Italy as both major producers and consumers. And thirdly, the North Sea region, with the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK as major consumers without any significant domestic production. The Dutch, Belgian and UK market are dominated by large-scale power plants, and mainly depend on imports from the United States and Canada. The ports of Rotterdam,  Antwerp, Ghent and Delfzijl are anticipated to serve as a major logistical hub for the Benelux biomass market and potentially for other regions in the EU. To facilitate the trade in biomass, Endex Wood Pellets, the world’s first industrial wood pellet exchange was established in 2011, and is located in Amsterdam. From this point of view, the constant growth in the use of pellet and increased demand from European countries, is a big opportunity to developing countries to become in biomass’ suppliers.

APRIL 2013. United States report on BENELUX MARKET: In add at this cause, today in USA the most quantity of wood pellets are used in residential heating boilers, resulting in an increased local consumption, with a risk of will not have enough biomass to supply the demand of Benelux market. This is the first advantage to expand the market toward developing countries.

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ICE Endex Wood Pellets settlement prices are based on delivery CIF Rotterdam and are derived by means of the pricing panel methodology. Data delayed at least five minutes.

Benelux biomass pellet market

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