BIORAISE is a computer GIS based tool specifically designed for the calculation of agricultural and forest biomass resources, collection and transportation costs around selected locations in the Mediterranean UE countries: Spain (except Canary Islands), Portugal, France, Italy and Greece.

The leading principle governing the architecture of BIORAISE is the geo­referencing of the data. For this purpose, a common European database (Corine Land Cover) has been used as topological background. Forestry data have been obtained from the National Forest Inventories and agricultural data from the EUROSTAT Regional Statistics utility. The tool is operated by a web viewer interface which displays the geographic environment of the included countries as well as their background basic elements. The interface tool allows us to calculate the biomass resources existing within a determinate surface around a previously selected site. The calculations can be made for different radius, between 1 and 100 km. The tool also allows estimating the biomass transport cost from any pixel within the selected circle to the selected central site. For this purpose, fuel price (diesel oil) must be introduced in the application. The tool gives then an estimate of the average transport cost for each one of the rated land use categories.

The tool BIORAISE is available in this website: and its use is free of charge.