The harvest period for lignocellulosic crop is a crucial aspect to be taken into account when we analyze the possibility to use this crop in relation with energy conversion system.

The feedstock characteristics of the conversion platform will influence the optimal harvest and post harvest management practices for switchgrass. However, many of the harvest management practices are tied to plant phenology and become important to evaluate this aspect in relation to cut management.

Switchgrass strains are high-yielding and in most cases can be harvested and baled with commercially available haying equipment. Many options are available for packaging switchgrass for storage and transportation, but large round bales or large rectangular bales are the most readily available and are in use on farms. Large round bales tend to have less storage losses than large rectangular bales when stored outside, but rectangular bales tend to be easier to handle and load a truck for transport without road width restrictions. For this reason, proper harvest and storage of switchgrass will help provide a consistent and high-quality feedstock to the biorefinery.