Bioenergy Crops Ltd.

Short rotation coppice

Short rotation coppice

Our company was set up in 2012 by convergence of several strands of experience in new technologies in inter-related fields.
It focuses on solutions based on sustainable biomass energy production and a realistic view of biomass and dedicated energy crops. We search  best friendly-environment and economically profitable alternatives to obtain lower costs and maximize production and logistic efficiency. Bioenergy Crops Ltd. is focused on the optimization of lignocellulosic energy crops and the use of residual biomass, helping agri-industries to become more competitive.The company works mainly in Europe and Latin America providing agronomic and environmental solutions on bioenergy and biofuels as well as participating in project development and research with several organizations in Europe.

Summary of our expertise:

-Multi crop agronomy advice and evaluation to produce fuel (biomass)

– Economic assessment and optimization to minimize costs of fuel at gate station

-Solutions for abandoned, degraded, deforested and not competitive lands

-Herbaceous and woody bioenergy crops

-Project development, monitoring and ex-post evaluations

-Agronomic modelsResource evaluations

-Geografic Information Systems

-Training courses on Bioenergy

-Sustainability and applied tools

-Alternatives to promote water saving solutions


Our team has been involved with industrial crops, grasses, oil crops, woody crops in short rotation coppice and forestry, as well as project evaluations and environmental impact assessments for over 20 years. A large number of consultants and collaborators now cooperate providing technical assistance and solutions to our customers worldwide.

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