Bioenergy Crops Ltd, focuses its attention on sustainability of a biobased economy. Our contributions and tasks always work on a sustainable scheme with reductions on production costs of raw material, logistics and processing and fossil inputs in the agricultural phases and processing. Emissions savings derived from bioenergy replaced fossil fuels calculations, take into account the recent debate and discussions on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), direct and indirect land use changes (ILUC) and certifications schemes. We use different software tools and models to examaine your costs and inputs and suggest an optimization along the bioenergy chain.

Energy crops and residual biomass can both be evaluated for pulp production, energy trasformations or several other bioproducts. Our experts will assist your company in the utilization of Geographical Information System (GIS) analysis and map generations with extremely useful applications. Most of our projects, come from the industry or organizations involved in research.

Our methods and assessments tools include the following:

  • Development of specific site crop production predictions and estimations
  • Crop modeling tools (as Cropsyst and other agronomic models), productivity functions and statistical tools for estimating and predicting yields
  • Economic optimization and modeling (GAMS) and cost analysis from the farm to the biorefinery
  • GIS based evaluations on availability of resources ¬†(national, regional and district scales)
  • GIS based tools for crops’ productivity, marginal costs and availability at regional and district scales
  • Biomass production and logistic costs evaluation and tools/software development
  • Efficency analysis and modeling of feedstock production, logistics and processing for pulp and energy
  • Life Cycle Assessments (SIMAPRO and many other other tools) and carbon foot print
  • Environmental impact studies, including several impact categories (ground and surface water, air, soil, etc.)
  • Biodiversity impact assessments
  • Carbon markets
  • Energy efficiency and heat/electric self-consumption
  • GIS analysis and tools
  • Land use changes and sustainability evaluations
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Market analysis and economic modeling


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