Jatrpoha curcas has been involved in most programs for energy crop research and development. Nevertheless, many constraint factors are still under constant and intensive study. Plant phenology development and harvesting optimizations are being developed very quickly  worldwide, making most companies difficult to prepare large scale projects in new regions with high potential. Jatropha curcas is an amazing promise in order to produce biofuels in marginal sites.Although, governments and companies push hard to begin investing even before having clear solutions. Breeding, friut setting concentration, harvest equipment and the use of solid residues are possible keys for a success, then bestsolutions are required for environmental cross compliance and standards in the global markets.


Our services include:

  • Focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • GIS based tools in large projects (regional and district scales)
  • Sparring partner for your business plan
  • Site and planting material selection for specific soil-climate conditions. Advice on planting techniques
  • Plantation maintenance
  • Biomass to energy projects development including biodiesel and combustion technologies using residues (seedcakes, hulks and pruning)
  • Combination with other oilcrops (Pongamia, Neem) or food-crops including nursery practices of oil related crops (Palm , Jatropha, Neem, Pongamia)
  • Agronomic and plant physiology research and development and trails monitoring
  • Harvesting machinery solutions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Economic analysis
  • Certification and standards
  • On site training of Jatropha agronomy

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