In our perspective developing new equipment is a profitable activity when the bioenergy industry is growing fast worldwide and any solution or adaption can provide replicable information and licenses to an expansive market.
We visit your project, analyze crops and resources, transportatin systems and find new ways to change and improve a specific system with existing local resources and our expertise from other regions and industries. Our solutions include new technological improvements of woody and herbaceous lignocelluosic crops harvesting and plantation equipments and the use sofrware for logistic systems.
Pretreatments and biomass pelletizing

Reducing costs should always consider proper pretreatments. Our team can advice on pelletizing equipment along the bioenergy logistic chains. We can offer assistance on the following important needs in your business:

  • Pelletizing equipment: Advise and evaluation of different possibilities (both for bulk and bagged wood pellets)
  • Biomass and pellets characterization considering different biomass sources
  • Pellet export from developing countries to international markets
  • Pellet certifications for biomass trading
  • Briquettes for domestic heating sector

Any bio-industry or biomass to energy business require from different serious consideration of the logistic chains. From agronomy decisions and harvesting to moisture reductions to soil compaction concerns and biomass quality implications, an optimized logistic chain must be addressed. We improve efficiency when collecting residues, drying and handling raw materials and also provide solutions for storage and transportation efficiency reducing delivered feedstock costs. Your bio-industry will efficiency in terms of sustainability certifications and environmental issues but also low inputs and economic costs to be competitive. Our group work using the knowledge and experience of several consultants working on lignocellulosic crops, woody residues, sugarcane industries, tall grasses machinery developments and research and short rotation forestry.

Our main services for your consideration:

  • Evaluation of technical aspects in harvesting systems to reduce costs and improve biomass quality standards
  • Reduction in transportation costs
  • Design and adaptation of new machinery for your specific conditions considering moisture levels, harvest periods, economic costs, up-scaling, storage and soil compaction
  • Harvesting modules for harvesting energy crops avoiding dust, passes and soil compacttion
  • Linkage between agronomic management, harvesting and transportation and final product quality
  • Personnel costs reductions
  • Supply chain optimization
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