The main mission and values of Bioenergy Crops Ltd. are sustained in our contribution to the integration of biomass and dedicated crops with existing food or landscape systems promoting synergies and sustainable realistic alternatives.

There are several debates today on the real sustainability of bioenergy. Our philosophy and mission is to provide a different outlook with the most recent scientific on research and commercial development information about residues, energy crops and by products to encourage more sustainable solutions for marginal regions. Most marginal lands are at present “marginally” managed with inadequate agronomic practices that endanger their productivity, promote desertification and soil erosion, limit business opportunities and rural development at the time they make a serious damage to the environment and determine risks for companies and the society.

Having a “multicrop” perspective, promoting residues and lignocellulosic perennials crops, and measuring biofuel environmental impact and certifications, encourage companies to use reforestation schemes, promote fossil fuels replacement for self-energy consumption and complement in rotations the usable available lands that are often just handle as monoculture.


Our mission can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide practical solutions to existing agri-industries to integrate the biomass and bioenergy potential to reduce fossil inputs and enhance energy self-consumption
  • To integrate feedstock production with traditional agricultural land use including crop management, grasslands and landscape maintenance through promoting a holistic perspective for a biobased economy
  • To promote sustainable technology for marginal lands in remote, isolated or not competitive rural areas, integrating our work in a sustainable development framework.
  • To develop appropriate solutions for local energy production on marginal land in developing countries, providing sustainable land use and cheaper energy in a sustainable way. Sustainable energy in poor rural areas reduces poverty and  hunger and enhances the quality of life.


bioenergy crops

To promote sustainability and bioenergy requires to have as a main value, independency and a strictly scientific and holistic research perspective providing evidences and considering impacts.

Bioenergy Crops Ltd believes is strongly skeptical and strict when considering bioenergy for sustainable development. Our ideas are centered in the fact bioenergy cannot replace food production but enhance alternative business and improve soils through multiply the alternatives at the farm level. Rotations, grass mixes and perennial crops to avoid monocultures, crops and residues for heat, electricity, biogas or second generation biofuels optimizing agri-industries, and agroforestry system to promote afforestation and reforestation are all just some examples on how we think bioenergy can be a sustainable way to produce renewable energy in our rural sector.


Therefore, our main values are summarized below:

  • A strong commitment with natural resources conservation and sustainability to increase resilience
  • Increase food security and regional competitiveness in areas we are involved with
  • A firm conviction that lignocellulosic perennial crops and herbaceous or woody green-covers should be always integrated in rotations minimizing environmental impacts, improving water and nutrient cycling and maximizing social cohesion and renewable energies.
  • A sustainable biobased economy requires, high-quality scientific information to responsibly promote biomass and dedicated energy crops protecting the natural environment and promoting ethical, social and cultural values.


A biobased world can provide sustainable real solutions for rural sectors through the biomass valorization and encouraging biodiversity.


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