Pennisetum purpureum and related hybrids of P.purpureum and P.glaucum or P.americanum (some also known as Elephant grass / Napier grass / merker or Giant king grass) are all species native to the tropical grasslands of Africa.

The crop is a tall perennial plant, growing to 2 – 5mt tall, rarely up to 7.5 mt. Some of the higher DM yields reported are as high as 76 oven dried tons per hectare per year. Our company has been involved in Napier grass large plantations in developing countries during the recent years and can provide several services to optimize harvesting and logistic operations considering uses for pulp and energy. Considering stalks and leaves separately is a feasible alternative we consider as well as biomass quality and performance in boilers, biogas digesters, gasifiers and pulp mills. A suitable crop in tropical countries, Napier grass has shown to be one of the highest yielding crops in many regions and soils but their planting and harvesting costs as well as fertilization and irrigation should be optimized to reduce costs and improve resource use efficiency from the farm. 


Bioenergy Crops has a several advancement methods to reduce costs of delivered-biomass through improved farming methods and logistics.

Our services include:

  • PLANTING MATERIAL: Selection of best suited planting material for your specific conditions. We do not trade with planlets or genetics, so we help your company  100% independently and without biased recommendations.
  • PILOT FARM AND NURSERY: We help you to build a pilot experience, nurseries and give you all technical support to plant extensively napier grass for biomass.
  • OPTIMIZED MANAGEMENT: Considering final delivery product (bales, silage, briquettes, low chloride and ashes fuels, etc) we can design all operations and farming methods for specific needs in specific farms.
  • YIELDS: We conduct crop modeling, production functions or predictive equations for your farm.
  • BIOMASS QUALITY: we help on biomass characterization and advice for pulp and energy including combustion, methane, syngas, bio-oil, and other products
  • MACHINERY AND LOGISTICS: Harvesting solutions to minimize costs at the gate of the facilities. Briquetting and other options.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS: assessments, life cycle assessment and carbon markets
  • ECONOMIC OPTIMIZATION: we will reduce delivered-biomass  costs at destination in $/BTU
  • CAPACITY BUILDING ON ENERGY CROPS: we help your team and farm managers to build capacit. We help companies to integrate farmers, cooperatives and associations to create rural jobs.
  • THIRD PARTY AUDITS: we normally offer our customers full feasibility studies and audits they present to banks, investors and partenrs to show feasibility in their own conditions.

napier growth7


pellets napier


Farm design to low cost final uses:

– Low ash content biomas fuel for combustion

– Briquettes and pellets

– Cubes and briquettes using sawdust and grass blend

– Bagasse made from napier grass

– Green pellets for biogas

– Animal feed briquettes (Crude protein 16-18%)

Leaf protein concentrate


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