Rapeseeds/canola, Sunflower, Ethiopian mustard, Safflower and many other crops like Sinapis, Crambe and Camelina, can produce excellent results under precise conditions. Certifications and yield achievement is a challenge in many areas if biofuels have to accomplish regulations regarding emissions and environmental impacts. Our team has been involved in national projects of energy crops in several countries and design different schemes for projects looking for large scale development plantations and feestock to produce biodiesel.



Our services include:

  • Focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • GIS based tools in large projects (regional and district scales)
  • Precision agriculture and direct sowing techniques to minimze inputs
  • Site and planting material selection for specific soil-climate conditions. Advice on planting techniques
  • Large scale plantation monitoring
  • Biomass to energy projects development including biodiesel and combustion technologies using residues (seedcakes, hulks and pruning)
  • Agronomic and plant physiology research and development and trails monitoring
  • Harvesting machinery solutions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Economic analysis
  • Certification and standards
  • On site training of Jatropha agronomy


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