Residual biomass in different forms is available in most rural sectors of the world. Companies from all over the world consider new business and by-product utilization to increase their profits replacing fossil fuels. Fossil energy subsidies become scarce and prices rise. Biomass residues allow energy production for electric self-consumption, reducing energy costs for many industries and promoting rural employment and environmental benefits in isolated regions. Additionally it is possible to create new business for pellet supply as well as export such as many projects in Canada, US, South America and Asia, or to produce heat/electricity for self consumption improving competitiveness. Our team provide assessments for your project in order to evaluate potential benefits and risks from early stages. Bioenergy Crops offer consultancy services in a holistic perspective considering your specific species and sites when characterizing biomass or estimating costs.


Here, some of the agricultural and forestry industrial biomass residues:


Bioenergy Crops Ltd provides technical assistance including the following services:

  • Biomass characterization for different uses
  • Biomass to Energy project development in Latin America and Europe including a) Supplier identification, b) Competitor identification and analysis and c) Verified prediction of current biomass quantities and costs
  • Agricultural residues mapping (GIS based)
  • Cost analysis, economic models and scenarios
  • Logistic chain studies and optimization for biofuel, electricity and heat production
  • Biomass supply generation
  • Economic evaluation of biomass supply
  • Agroforestry, crops and mixed schemes with wastes (residues and dedicated crops patterns)


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