Bioenergy Crops Ltd. is a unique company focusing in several alternatives to promote new business and a biobased economy. Our services and approach give our clients several options to considering for their industries.

Agronomy and crops

Bioenergy Crops Ltd. offers several services including optimization of agronomic management from planting and fertilization techniques to optimum harvest periods or  assessments on irrigation among others. Bioenergy crops can have several implications when upscaling projects and require different management to produce best results when dedicated crops are used for biogas, high density bales, chips, pellets and briquettes. We can monitor your plantations and Learn more about our dedicated industrial crops for bioproducts, pulp and energy.

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Residual biomass

Biomass resources are available in most countries and day by day different stakeholders show their interest as fossil sources prices rise. Biomass and raw materials are valorized to replace fossil fuels, heat or electricity in many agri-industries. from forestry logs to coffe and sugarcane bagasse and hedgerow and olive pruning, the multiplicity of business alternatives are simply huge. We help your company to replace fossil energy. Our experts will help your company creating and improving a business plan with all resources available, identifying how much biomass is possible to be used, and estimating the economic costs to be expected. We create new business like pellets export to Europe and help you replacing fossil energy to reduce current costs in your industry.

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Biomass to energy

Replacing fossil fuels is already a realistic economic option to improve many business in developed and developing countries. Depending on energy policies, subsidies for fossil fuels, electricity and domestic heating systems, different pathways can provide economic feasibility to renewable energy alternatives using biomass and energy crops. From biogas digesters to second generation bioethanol or domestic heating systems with improved stoves in rural communities of developing countries, to large scale electricity production and biodiesel, bioenergy becomes a profitable business worldwide.

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Logistic chains

Biomass becomes can be as profitable as we allow the bioenergy chain to be efficient and reduce costs when upscaling the system under real conditions. Biomass low energy density makes critical to  minimze moisture levels or maximize calorific value, as well as optimize handling of straw, chips or densified biomass as pellets or briquettes. Any project requires a strictly serious approach  to achieve optimization of the logistic bioenergy chain with most efficient practices and machinery services for the specific local conditions of our clients.


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