Short rotation forestry is often not viable in many cold and semiarid regions and require from specific woody crops that produce low yields, but have also very low costs. That is the case of Siberian elm, a novel woody crop developed in the Mediterranean with high potential for the biomass sector. The species require some development and breeding, and it has already shown enough evidences to be used as feedstock in several areas above 300mm of annual rainfall.


Our company can assist clients in the selection of planting material, machinery services and environmental assessments to develop biomass to energy projects, research and development programs or commercial iniciatives.

Our contribution include the following services:

  • Project development
  • Advice on planting material and site selection
  • Project optimization and monitoring
  • Agronomic management for energy ¬†production
  • Harvest technology development and logistic improvements
  • Biomass to energy project development
  • Planting material and selecting companies considerent independently the client local conditions

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