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Bioenergy crops are increasingly considered for new uses worldwide at the time biomass valorization, natural resources restrictions and a need to increase energy efficiency and ecological services progessively enhance sustainability criteria. Many private organizations and experts are focused just on specific  solutions to obtain biomass fuel from crops for their very specific local conditions. However as a company that produces and uses biomass often should consider a more holistic approach to integrate dedicated crops, residues, lands with different quality and agricultural equipment, to minimize fuel costs and maximize agricultural income sources and food competitiveness in its region.

We know it is very difficult to select an organization with a wider perspective, providing services and technical support to create biomass supply capacity in any country. And we certainly focus our attention without looking forward to offer specific planting materials or equipment but a much wider perspective in order to obtain lowest biomass feedstock footprint at destination (final use).  The fact most companies are speficailly dedicated to genetic and breeding, limit biomass developers with biased consultancy and technical support because they only have monocultures and agronomic patterns that do not recognize local complexity and ecological concerns.

Our firm believes that every biomass developer needs to evaluate project’s ecological restrictions and opportunities and economic viability of each alternative. It is needed then to identify best opportunities in order to avoid huge capital and operational expenses. An initial design should take developers to a best (optimized) supply chain for the specific  conditions of their region and maximization of environmental benefits and regional competitiveness (food and fuel as suggested by FAO). We strongly believe that this is the only way to improve food security and bioenergy while improving soil organic matter and ecological services in around 2.9 billion hectares of marginal lands that are not going to be cultivated for food (FAO data here).

Research and development and information from best experts are required to adapt technology and knowledge on crops.  Bioenergy Crops Ltd. Promotes projects worldwide with a conviction that a sustainable bioenergy requires a wider range of options including all possible residues, different native and introduced bioenergy crops, and conduct evaluations. Some assessments require regional approach with GIS tools, but also sampling, test plots, pilot farm developments, nurseries or  agronomy and plant physiology. Later logistic and economic models, to optimize the supply chain must consider realistic expectations on yields, costs, inputs, management and biomass qualities. And of course, this will be required to meet environmental restrictions and therefore a wide variety of impact assessments should be considered.

Our company joins a large list of experts combining all needed from agriculture to logistic chains and biomas characterizations. We have been working on several woody and herbaceous crops in different regions of the world with best companies producing biofuels, power or biogas.

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Many crops for many regions
Bioenergy Crops Ltd. has a large group of associated consultants working from several areas in the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.  We work in many crops. Most of us have been involved on herbaceous and woody crops, including short rotation coppice with poplar, willows, and many other species. We also work with annual and perennial grasses in the tropics, temperate areas, semiarid warm and cool regions or flooded lands.



A holistic independent perspective
Having a holistic perspective means looking at environmental issues, economics, agronomic guideline, certifications, biomass quality and logistics. We want to take care of the industry. But our perspective is intended to be very wide: We don’t sell products. We don’t sell best yields ever. We just offer best solutions to provide biomass with lowest costs and highest qualities for your industry.


Realistic options for marginal lands
As most farmers know, marginal lands provide marginal yields, but they offer sometimes marginal costs... Highest yielding crops like Miscanthus, Bamboo or Elephant grass are not always best suited options. If lignocellulosic crops provide a solution, we will offer you the best possible way to reduce costs and be realistic when planning your business. Our goal is to offer the best alternatives for each condition and obtain lowest costs in marginal lands improving sustainability production



International consultancy worldwide
Partnerships and collaborations worldwide give Bioenergy Crops Ltd the chance of offering realistic high-quality services, with advice based on real cases and experience abroad. Our company has a wide group of international consultants in Europe, Canada, US and Latin America who can assist projects in temperate and tropical developing countries, many of which have huge availability of resources giving them a great potential for biobased new business.


Comments from people working close to us:

” While many try to convince you why their unique crop can offer best/incredible/optimal results, Bioenergy Crops Ltd evaluates the actual demand side criteria and field conditions and than suggests what crops/farming techniques may prove suitable..”

Daniel Avital, CLEPSO

“A few months ago, one of my pulp & paper clients who is switching from sugarcane bagasse to a perennial tall grass as feedstock contacted me regarding problems with the 7000 hectares of grass that had been planted – low yields, harvesting techniques, cost effective form of delivery to the pulp mill etc. I put them in contact with Bioenergy Crops Ltd. and they have provided valuable advice to this client resolving many issues.”

Robert Hurter, HurterConsult Inc.

“We need this holistic perspective to try to understand how we get the “biomass out-put” in our farms. “

Rafael Álvarez Garrido, VERDTECH NUEVO CAMPO SA



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