Sorghums are annual warm grasses with high productivity and very well known experience for forage production. Growing sorghums for biomass have several decisions and techniques required to achieve envionmental standards and compete with other low cost productive perennial grasses like Arundo donaxMiscanthusBambooNapier grass or Switchgrass.

Sorghums can be considered for combustion, biogas and second generation biofuels. Different species, hybrids and varieties have considerable wide characteristics that need to be studied for each site conditions. Annual production often allow companies to have rapid decisions and supply their logistic chains with high volumes of biomass produced in less than 3 or 4 months. Several alternatives and improvements regarding biomass to be used for biogas, bales for heat/electric energy production or bioethanol require advanced knowledge of new varaties and harvesting techniques for success.



Our services include:

  • Regional and district GIS based tools (software) providing expected productivity, mean costs and impacts for feedstock power energy projects
  • Crop modeling with Cropsyst. Scenario analysis.
  • Economic-agronomic models for sensitiveness analysis
  • Statistical models, predictions and estimations for regional harvests
  • Agronomic advice, fertilization improvement and efficiency, varieties, optimization techniques, monitoring and crop management.
  • Biomass characterization: baled and chopped raw material quality improvements for pulp and energy
  • Pulp and biomass projects
  • Advice on best suited species and varieties and management guidelines for dried bales, chopped biomass for biogas production or bioethanol.
  • Double annual crops techniques and rotations to increase sustainable impacts and reducing costs in biomass or pulp large scale projects



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