Switchgrass is perhaps the main energy crop considered for biofuel production in Northamerica. Its development to energy production is already a commercial technology with proven success in many aspects. In Europe it has been tried successfully while using low cost management techniques (from seeds and direct sowing not requiring expensive propagation methods). It is possible to establish  under rain-fed conditions in certain semiarid areas with rainfalls from  500mm often considered marginal for food production. Our contribution with Switchgrass bring experience in Southern Europe and trials development in Latin American countries.


Our best services on Switchgrass include:

  • Specific selection of best suited varieties  for Latin America and Europe soil-climates
  • Optimization techniques, monitoring and crop management for site-specific conditions
  • Project development in Latin America, Northamerica and Europe
  • Biomass and pulp project development in Southern Europe and Latin America
  • Advice on harvesting methods to improve bale for heat/electricity and bioethanol processing requirements. Cost reductions from planting to energy uses.
  • Direct sowing techniques for semiarid regions
  • Logistic chain optimization and software development
  • Environmental impacts and life cycle assessments. Biodiversity evaluations.
  • Agronomic and economic models

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