international-consultingBionergy Crops Ltd, offers different education and training activities taking into consideration the current debate on biofuels sustainability, recent research on solid biomass and lignocellulosic crops and existing discussions on environmental impacts worldwide.

Training on bioenergy crops

In recent years, biofuel debates and new alternatives to produce bioethanol and biodiesel have been taking place in most forums and training programs. Our company focus its activities on new advanced biofuels and heat / electricity production from  lignocellulosic crops and also promotes soid biomass and biogas alternatives with best technologies available. We follow in many courses a holistic approach applied to sustainable bioenergy alternatives and focus on  realistic implementation in large projects. Therefore our main value added is to generate a critic perspective on linkages between the energy sector, technological development and bioenergy conversion efficiency, economic analysis, social and environmental implications and biodiversity.

Our experts are experienced lecturers involved on several issues, countries and tools. 

We offer agronomy management techniques for most crops, as well as plant eco-phisiology, sustainability and life cycle assessments, economic and financial analysis for biobased projects and research and development methodologies to evaluate productivity of crops.


Most courses and seminar’s orientation are based on adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change, specific development of tools to integrate the energy production business with sustainability measures and environmental impacts of bioenergy.


  • Private companies  focused on bioenergy, renewable energies, cleantech, environmental issues and agriculture worldwide.
  • Policy makers in developed and developing countries
  • Technicians involved in bioenergy: agronomist, engineers, economists, environmental scientists, chemists among many other disciplines.
  • Researchers and academic courses with strong emphasis on crop management and agronomy but also on environmental and economic issues, sustainability criteria and food security.
  • Students from all above mentioned disciplienes
  • Educators
  • Recruiters


Bioenergy crops

  • Complete courses. We offer different duration depending on the client or organization needs. Our training program has a strong emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach, participatory classes and network empowerment.
  • Lecturing and conferences. Our team has been involved in lectures all around the world, including research centers, Universities, Companies.
  • Training activities. We can work with farmers, researchers, students and assist them organizing field day activities, visits to real biomass plants in EU, pulp mills and experimental or commercial plantations.
  • Online Courses. Our company uses high quality technology to offer e-learning based systems with video, chat, real project formulation and real time monitoring with excellent lecturers from US and Europe as well as local experts in some cases.

ISSUES (different duration covered under request)

  • International bioenergy: agronomy, sustainability and constraints for a biobased economy.
  • Application of GIS based tools for bioenergy
  • Dendrology and biomass in Latin America
  • Agronomy of herbaceous and woody energy crops
  • Economic and statistical analysis, economic modeling (GAMS and other model tools) and estimation and prective models
  • Biogas systems for Latin American countries
  • Certifications, Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), assessments tools (software including SIMAPRO and others), etc.
  • Sustainability and certifications for biofuels

Al courses can be in English and Spanish. Other languages should be considered under request (Italian).

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