Cardoon is native to the Mediterranean region and thrives in warm temperate climates. It has evolved by selective cultivation of the wild form beginning in classical times in the Mediterranean. Although it is a labour intensive and fairly unproductive crop it is widely grown in Spain, France and Italy, and in other Mediterranean countries.  Several studies indicate that biomass and grain production for energy purposes as potential utilizations of the three Cynara cardunculus botanical varieties (globe artichoke, cultivated cardoon, and wild cardoon). There is emerging interest in the production of biomethane as a biocombustible either through anaerobic digestion of biomass and/or energy crops. Cynara cardunculus L. is a crop with high biomass yields used in the production of bioenergy, with the seeds being used for biodiesel production and the remaining biomass used as solid fuel in biomass plants.


Its expansion to other regions in the planet is still very scarce but many semiarid and subhumid regions could consider an alternative crop with high potential producing well characterized biomass to be used for biofuels, heat and electricity.


Our services include the following aspects:

  • Project development, startup advice and preliminar assessment required for site selection
  • Crop development programs, trials and agronomic advice for specific sites
  • Plant physiology research and crop management
  • Harvesting machinery and logistics


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